We know what it’s like to be new. Turning up to an unfamiliar place, not knowing anyone can be an anxious experience. How do I get there? What should I expect when I arrive? Who do I talk to? That’s why at Bayside Anglican Church we’re always looking out for the newcomer, because we want to make your first time here as welcoming and friendly as we can.

What are you looking for, this website is chock full of information to help you settle in with us.

Planning to belong?

If you are, you might be interested in finding out a little more about the church before you arrive. We have 3 services each Sunday at Arncliffe. Our 10:15am service includes programs for children and youth.

8:30 AM

Communion Service

10:15 AM

Family Service

6:30 PM

"20/20" Young Adults Service

How do you know which service is right for you? Read on to find out what to expect at each service.


Bayside Anglican Church is located at 54 Forest Road, Arncliffe.

What should I expect at church?

When you arrive at church, you’ll find people at the door there to say hello, as well as answer any of your questions and introduce you to church. Depending on which service you come to, you’ll find things running a little differently.

8:30am Communion Service

The 8.30am service is a prayer book service, in which we use a set style (liturgy) that follows one of two books, An Australian Prayer Book, or Common Prayer, which are Australian publications for use by Anglican churches.

When you arrive at church, you will be handed one of these prayer books to use during the service, along with a hymn book. Take a seat in one of the pews, and the service will start when the minister walks to the front, dressed in traditional church robes. After welcoming the congregation, we start by singing our first hymn, accompanied by organ music. 

During the service, the minister reads out parts from the prayer book, and the congregation responds with the words from the prayer book. Someone prays for the concerns of our church, our community and our world. The Bible is read aloud, and a sermon is preached that explains a passage from the Bible. Other hymns are also sung, and most weeks we celebrate Holy Communion (also known as the Lord’s Supper). After the minister and his assistants receive it, members of the congregation can walk to the front to receive it.

Following the service, you are invited to stay for morning tea, which is held in the church hall next to the church building.

10:15am Family Service

The 10.15am service has a less formal style, although retains many of the elements of the prayer book service in a modern way.

These include hearing the Bible read aloud, prayer, and a sermon preached that explains a passage of Scripture. During this service, children are included with regular kids talks, and a Kids Church in which the children are taught the Bible in an engaging age-appropriate way, by trained and vetted volunteers.

We sing Christian songs which teach and encourage us to follow Jesus. This is accompanied by a band (which may include keyboard, guitars, drums and string instruments).

When you arrive at church, you will be greeted at the door and handed a bulletin with church information for that week. Take a seat in one of the pews. Midway through the service, the kids leave with their leaders for their programs. Your children may remain in church if you wish.

Following the service, you are invited to stay for morning tea, which is held in the church hall next to the church building.

6:30pm "20/20" Young Adults Service

20/20 is the church service aimed at young adults.


Is this whole Christian / Jesus thing new to you? We believe that everyone needs to understand who Jesus Christ is. Jesus is central to the Christian faith, because he is Lord and Saviour of all. 

Want to find out more? Come along to church and discover for yourself why the Bible says Jesus is worth following. Or view the interactive animation at www.john316verse.com