* 14 February 2021 Update *

After a fantastic response from our Bayside church community in adhering to the NSW government requirements for the mandatory wearing of face masks at places of worship, and the net effect of 4 weeks of no locally transmitted cases of COVID-19, we can announce that the wearing of masks to church is no longer a mandatory requirement. However, as there is still a recommendation to wear masks when you cannot physically distance, both mask-wearers as well as those not wearing masks will be welcomed to our church services from today!

Please note that we are still required to keep contact tracing records, and so attendees will need to leave their name and number by checking in via our QR-code system or leaving these details upon your arrival.

We are also still ensuring we provide adequate physical distancing while at church, and enhanced cleaning and sanitisation practices according to our COVID-19 Safety Plan.   

* 6 June 2020 Update*

Bayside gatherings are starting up again from 7th June 2020!  As there are very few active COVID-19 cases in Sydney (according to the statistics published as of 3 June 2020 on the relevant NSW Government’s COVID-19 website) we are planning a return to having people physically present at church which should be at least as safe as going anywhere in Sydney.

In keeping with NSW government regulations, Bayside is returning to holding church services on-site at Arncliffe. These will be limited to a maximum of 50 people present on-site at a time (excluding the ministers and those assisting the services) with appropriate physical distancing measures adopted (including the 1.5 metre rule and 4 square-metre rule).

Everyone who attends will need to leave their name and either a mobile number or email to allow for contact tracing should that be required. This data will be securely held in keeping with the NSW Government’s requirements for places of worship. 

Bayside Anglican Church will be complying with the NSW Government’s regulations concerning Places of Worship and limiting numbers (currently a maximum of 50 persons, excluding the ministers and those assisting the service) and practicing physical distancing procedures and enhanced cleaning and sanitisation processes, according to our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Original letter to all church members dated 18 March 2020 regarding the COVID19 pandemic

    I’m updating my contact details so BAC can stay in touch with me

    I’d like to be contacted by someone from BAC

    I prayed to commit/recommit my life to Jesus and want to know what to do next

    I’d like help from BAC

    Following is a video by the Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, which provides further explanation.

    Associate Professor Charlotte Hespe is a General Practitioner in Sydney, and the Chair of the Royal Australian College of GP for NSW/ACT and a long-time member of a church in Sydney. She’s been playing a key role in working with NSW Health & the Australian Federal Government in terms of how we manage COVID-19 in the Australian setting, particularly NSW/ACT. In the following video she addresses questions about transmission of the virus, and proper health precautions for small groups.

    If you want to skip to a particular question, here is the list of questions she addresses and the time mark in the video:

    0:37 What is COVID-19 and how is it spread?
    2:34 What is social distancing?
    4:12 What is social isolation?
    5:40 How does COVID-19 affect children?
    7:27 Are we overreacting?
    10:08 Is it safe to keep meeting in small groups?

    Find out further information at the Sydney Anglicans COVID-19 information and resources page below (click the image to open a new window).