Sunday 8:30am Communion Service

The 8.30am service is a prayer book service which follows one of two books, An Australian Prayer Book, or Common Prayer, which are Australian publications for use by Anglican churches.

Holy Communion (or The Lord’s Supper) is offered each week, unless the Senior Minister is absent. On these occasions, Morning Prayer is led by another member of staff.

Sunday 10:15am Family Service

The 10:15am service is particularly family-friendly, with a Kids Spot in the first 15 mins of the service, followed by programs for children and youth in Years 6-8 which run concurrently with the main service. This service has a less formal style, although retains many of the elements of the prayer book service in a modern way.

Sunday 8:30am "20/20" Young Adults

“20/20” is the service which particularly caters to Young Adults.

Dinner together happens on the 1st Sunday of the month, either going out to a nearby place, or staying in and having a meal at church. Check the 20/20 Facebook page for details. 

Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals


So you’re getting married! Congratulations! Your engagement is an exciting time as you make all of the plans and preparations to enter into marriage. Bayside Anglican Church would love to share with you in this special moment.

We believe that God instituted marriage for his purposes as well as our good. Marriage is a good gift from God and at Bayside Anglican we conduct Christian wedding services. While we welcome all people and couples to our church, we hold to the Bible’s teaching that marriage in God’s sight is between one man and one woman voluntarily entered into for life.

Frequently Asked Questions about getting married at Bayside Anglican Church

  1. Initial Pre-Marriage Consultation with a member of staff and booking of wedding date, including requirements regarding the facilities and buildings
  2. Participation of the couple in a Christian marriage course “In the Sight of God” which guides the couple through the Bible’s understanding of marriage and how to be preparing for a satisfying marriage that will last. (4 sessions)
  3. Participation of the couple in a Pre-Marriage Preparation Course (Enrich) which includes an online assessment and pre-marriage counselling by an accredited member of the church staff. This is a practical course which includes topics such as developing good communication, conflict resolution, managing expectations, creating intimacy, dealing with money and children. (2 sessions)
  4. A number of other meetings with the minister conducting your wedding ceremony to discuss the elements of your wedding, prepare and lodge documents, and conduct a wedding rehearsal prior to the event.

The cost of a wedding at Bayside Anglican Church in 2018 is $900, which includes use of the church building for up to 3 hours, and all marriage preparation. Subsequent hours or part thereof are charged at $50/per hour.

Should you wish to use the Parish Hall which includes commercial kitchenette facilities, this will be an additional $350 cost, with subsequent hours charged at $50/per hour or part thereof.

These fees are inclusive of the cost of the church lawns to be mowed and a general tidy of church premises prior to the wedding, an honorarium paid to the church for the services of the minister, marriage preparation and wedding documentation, and a verger to open and close the property on the day.

Contact the church for an up to date list of fees regarding any other extras, such as use of church instruments and other equipment or resources such as data projectors or A/V technicians.

If you are wanting to have another minister marry you or be involved with the ceremony, you will need to speak to a member of staff, as there is a few procedures which need to be followed. Please make an enquiry and indicate you would like to bring your own minister.

Wedding ceremonies can be held on Monday – Saturdays, subsequent to church availability. As we have multiple Sunday church services from early morning through to the evening, we are unable to offer wedding ceremonies on Sundays. Please make an enquiry if you have particular dates in mind – the earlier, the better.

Please talk to a member of staff, as they will need to ask you some questions about your previous marriage and the care of any children. As an Anglican church, permission is also required from our Regional Bishop.

While civil marriage ceremonies have increasingly been held at beautiful outdoor locations, there are a number of considerations (such as alternative arrangements due to wet weather) that need to be thought through. As Anglican ministers need to obtain special permission to officiate outside of church buildings, we cannot automatically guarantee that such a request can be granted. For that reason, if you are wanting to get married by a minister at Bayside Anglican Church at a location other than our church premises, you will need to discuss this with a member of staff, who will be able to explain the process that needs to be followed. 

For reasons of safety and cleanliness, we request that your guests do not throw any small objects in the church buildings or outside. We wouldn’t want to have to surprise you after your honeymoon with a fee for the cost of cleaning this up!


At Bayside Anglican Church, we believe the Bible’s teaching that baptism is a significant symbol of the gospel and belonging to the spiritual body of Jesus Christ. Baptism points to Jesus’ saving work in all those who put their trust in him. The symbolic act in the baptism ceremony is meant to reflect this, and it is a sign for Jesus’ followers which involves a commitment to changed beliefs and lifestyle.

Infant Baptism

Got a little one and want to mark the significance of this with a church ceremony? Congratulations! Children are a wonderful blessing and responsibility that God gives to parents.

There are two types of services offered at Bayside Anglican Church:

  • Thanksgiving – This is a service where parents can thank God, celebrate and pray for their child(ren) and ask for God’s blessing in a Christian tradition. Parents and sponsors don’t need to make any faith declarations or promises in this service.
  • Baptism – A baptism service involves a weightier public commitment on the part of parents and godparents (sponsors) that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. The parents and sponsors will need to declare that they are followers of Jesus Christ, and members of his church, sincerely believing in the promises of God. Water is used as a symbol in this type of service, which points to God’s work in Jesus Christ.

Adult Baptism

If you’re an adult who has not been baptised, but trust in Jesus Christ and want to explore this, please contact one of the church staff.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baptisms

All these terms can be confusing, right? Nowadays, most people use the term Christening and Baptism interchangably.

If you want to get technical about it, christening is the act of naming someone or something (for example, ships get christened) and dedicating that person or object to Jesus Christ. In the olden days, newborn infants were christened almost immediately after birth, but contemporary practice usually has the church ceremony occur months later when the child’s name has (hopefully) already been well established.

In most Christian traditions, this act of christening is usually accompanied by the sacrament of baptism, which is a symbolic act involving the use of water as a symbol to point towards Jesus’ saving work in all those who put their trust in him. This means that parents need to be followers of Jesus for the action to mean anything.

We recognise that people are at different stages in their faith journey towards God, and some aren’t ready to make the promises required of a baptism service, and so we offer a Thanksgiving service instead of a Baptism service, for parents who would prefer this option.

If you are not a member of Bayside Anglican Church, one of the staff will want to organise a four-session Baptism Preparation course, which will explain the nature of the promises made during a baptism ceremony and help you to work out which type of service (baptism or thanksgiving) would be most appropriate for your situation.

Due to the nature of the promises that parents and godparents (sponsors) need to make in a baptism ceremony, our ministers feel it is our pastoral responsibility to explain these to the parents and allow them enough time to carefully consider the declarations they will be making in front of family and friends, as well as in the sight of God.

For this reason, we will only set a date for the baptism of an infant after the parents attend a four-session preparation course which gives them an opportunity to consider what is involved in baptism.

This preparation also saves our minister from having to make subjective judgments about who is required to do further preparation and who can “get away with less”, and it also gives you a chance to get to know them, and for them to know you.

As a Thanksgiving Service doesn’t require public faith declarations or promises, you can lock in the date for one of these from the beginning, without having to attend the Baptism preparation course, but we would like to encourage you to consider still attending, as most participants find it very beneficial.

At Bayside Anglican Church, we consider it part of our pastoral duties to conduct baptisms, but there is no set fee. Donations are graciously accepted.


It’s never easy when you’re faced with the death of a loved one. The staff at Bayside Anglican Church consider it a privilege and responsibility to conduct services that honour and give thanks to God for the life of the unique individual who has been made in God’s image.

Should you need to arrange a funeral service, please contact the church through the button below, and a member of staff will be able to sensitively guide you through the process.