Service Times

Bayside Anglican Church has 2 services each Sunday:

  • Bayside @ 10 (10am at Arncliffe)
  • Bayside @ 6 (6pm at Arncliffe)

Our Bayside @ 10 service includes programs for kids.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation around the world, Bayside Anglican Church complies with the NSW Government’s regulations concerning Places of Worship. Currently this involves enhanced cleaning and sanitisation processes, according to our COVID-19 Safety Plan.


54 Forest Road, Arncliffe NSW 2205

Bayside Anglican Church is a short 5-minute walk from the Arncliffe town centre and railway station. Continue up Firth St and turn right along Forest Rd until you reach the church.

Staff Team

Meet some of the fantastic people at Bayside Anglican Church.

Zac Veron
Senior Minister

Fun fact: Zac has competed internationally in pinball world championships (Yes, there are such things!)

Kevin Chan
Assistant Minister

Fun fact: Kevin has broken both of his legs at different times.

Nathan Gray
Next Generation Minister

Fun fact: Nathan loves the Parramatta Eels.


Coming to Church

There is no charge for newcomers to attend church. The running costs of Bayside are fully met by the church members.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all services currently are less than 60 minutes duration. Participants are encouraged to meet in small groups following the services off-site, practicing appropriate social distancing in keeping with government regulations.

You can wear whatever you are comfortable with! There is no dress-code for church, and no-one will be concerned about what you are wearing.

Not sure what’s going to happen when you arrive? Find out what to expect at our different church services.

The address of Bayside Anglican Church is 54 Forest Rd, Arncliffe. It is a short 5 minute walk from Arncliffe Railway Station, along Forest Road. See the Location page for transport information, including public transport options.

Other Information

To see if we’re able to help you, please contact us through the website, or send an email to a member of the staff team.

There is no formal membership process. If you would like to belong to Bayside Anglican Church, the best thing to do is talk to a member of the staff and they can help you with the next steps.

Bayside Anglican Church is an Anglican church, which follows a Reformed Evangelical Protestant tradition. What does all this mean?

As Evangelical, we believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, and that it has the final authority in all things relating to matters of life and faith.

As Anglican, we belong to a historical tradition that finds its roots in the English Protestant Reformation. This provides us a shape to the style of our faith. We are part of a fellowship of churches in the Diocese of Sydney.

As Reformed and Protestant, we have an understanding of the Bible’s teachings that follow in the orthodox (that is, traditional) Protestant custom.

*Note* – In light of COVID-19, currently Holy Communion is suspended while appropriate safety protocols are put into place.

We invite all people who trust that Jesus has died for them to share in the Lord’s Supper together when we have it. If this is not you, while you are still welcome to take part, we do want you to understand the significance of this activity. It is a symbolic meal intended for Christians to remember and proclaim what Jesus has done for them, and is an expression of Christian fellowship. The Bible contains specific instruction regarding participation in the Lord’s Supper – see 1 Corinthians 11:23-29.

That’s great! We run a course designed for this very purpose. Contact a member of staff below for further details. You can also watch a short animated video which shows why Jesus is so important.

Your best place to start is to contact a member of staff to discuss this.

Church Contact Details

For general inquiries, please email

The Postal Address is PO Box A157, Arncliffe NSW 2205

Appointments on-site at 54 Forest Rd need to be arranged in advance with church staff or other church members. For urgent matters, you can try and contact the church phone on +61 2 9136 2400

Large deliveries should be made to the church hall, which is the building next to the church, along Pitt-Owen Ave.

    I’m updating my contact details so BAC can stay in touch with me

    I’d like to be contacted by someone from BAC

    I prayed to commit/recommit my life to Jesus and want to know what to do next

    I’d like help from BAC

    About Bayside Anglican Church

    Mission and Vision

    Bayside Anglican Church exists to:

    God and his people

    in Christlikeness through the Holy Spirit

    the message of Jesus with people of all nations

    We dream of:

    A growing Christian community of all ages from many nations living out God’s Word in their daily lives

    A church where the Bible remains the primary and ultimate source of authority in matters of life and faith
    An outreaching church that actively seeks to share Jesus with people of all nations in Sydney and beyond
    A community of 500 people in several congregations, supported by 5 full-time equivalent members of staff
    Being known as a loving and caring Christian community
    A church where every member is a minister
    Being recognised as a full parish by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney
    Improved infrastructure that facilitates the ministries of the church

    Our History


    A block of land in Hirst Street, Arncliffe, was given to a convict named Reuben Hannam. He was a pioneer and was instrumental in developing sandstone bricks used for early colonial buildings across Sydney. At his death, Reuben’s son David inherited the land and he later gave it to the Church of England.

    Some time before 1861, a church known as St David’s was erected on the land, and services commenced. A weatherboard hall was later built on the site, but eventually a larger and more central location was required.

    22 January 1910

    Archbishop Wright laid a foundation stone at the present site on Forest Road for a new church building. Six months into construction, a huge gale destroyed the partially constructed building. It was four years before building could being anew.

    25 August 1914

    A second foundation stone was laid by the Archbishop.

    25 January 1915

    On a very hot night, the first service at the new St David’s Church was held in the presence of a large congregation.


    Arncliffe became its own district and the first incumbent, Rev. R. H. Pitt-Owen was appointed as firstly Curate-in-Charge, then rector the following year when the Diocese recognised Arncliffe as its own parish (previously it formed part of Bexley parish).

    7 July 1934

    Renovations to the building, including addition of a chancel, tower, side chapel and western bay were completed, and Archbishop Mowll dedicated these at a service overflowing with parishoners. With the changing demography of Arncliffe from the 1970s onwards, the church began to decline in number until it became unable to provide the resources for a full-time minister.


    By now a parish without an incumbent, the parish underwent a merger with a ministry out of St Matthias Centennial Park and the University of New South Wales known as Greek Bible Fellowship (GBF). This was a firstly Greek, then later multi-ethnic student group which was a burgeoning congregation in need of larger facilities and a suitable permanent location. Arncliffe obtained the financial support of a congregation able to support a full-time minister, and the GBF, a permanent location in a multicultural setting that was a prime harvest field. Following this move, GBF changed its name to Cross-culture Bible Church (CBC), as a reflection of the new direction that the church desired to go forward with, under God.


    As a reflection of the continual change to the area around Arncliffe, the parish was renamed to Bayside, in keeping with local council amalgamations between Rockdale and Botany Bay under the name Bayside Council, and the church now became known as Bayside Anglican Church, to better reflect the people whom the church want to now connect with – Sydneysiders from all nations in the Bayside area and beyond.

    Mission Partners

    Serving at James Cook and Moorefield Girls’ High Schools as SRE Teacher & School Chaplain

    Serving in West Asia with Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia

    Serving in France with the Church Missionary Society (CMS)